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콘페이, WEB3.0 DWF Labs로부터 투자 유치하여 결제 시장 공략


블록체인 온•오프라인 다중결제 플랫폼 콘페이(KONPAY)를 운영하는 콘돌이 글로벌 WEB3.0 투자사인 DWF LABS로부터 투자를 유치했다고 밝혔다.


후오비글로벌 PrimeVote TOP20, ‘콘페이’ 선정


주식회사 콘돌의 콘페이(KONPAY)가 세계적인 대형 거래소 후오비글로벌의 ‘PrimeVote TOP20’으로 공개됐다.


글로벌 디지털 거래소 '게이트아이오' 상장


블록체인 결제 플랫폼 업체 콘페이(KONPAY)는 자사 KON 코인이 세계적인 대형 디지털 자산 거래소인 게이트아이오에 지난 8월 24일 상장됐다고 5일 밝혔다. KON 코인은 콘페이 네트워크에서 사용되며 지불 결제 용도로 활용할 예정이다.

Transaction Fee-free
and 1,000 TPS.

With the start of its business in 2021, KONPAY has independently built its own mainnet. The KON mainnet network maintains a transaction fee of 0 for commercialization of payments and boasts a speed of 1,000 TPS.

Stable wallet service.

Through a mainnet technical support contract with Hexlant, Octet provides node services to enterprises and commercializes them. It expands the ecosystem by supporting multi-digital asset payments within the KONPAY app for over 18,000 holders.

NFT Marketplace utilizing KON

KONMARKET supports the cultural content market by utilizing the KONPAY Mainnet, providing protection for copyrights, transparent reliability, and enabling fair valuation. It addresses persistent drawbacks such as consignment contracts. Additionally, it leverages the distributed ledger technology of blockchain to facilitate active communication and engagement between authors, creators, suppliers, and demanders on the marketplace.

Multi-digital asset payment support

The KONPAY KON Mainnet ecosystem encompasses various fields, including NFTs, games, and Web3.0. It supports a dedicated bridge for the KON Network and aims to foster a thriving ecosystem in the gaming and NFT sectors. With a separate Reserve Pool in operation, it exhibits diverse scalability from initial operations to fundraising.

On/Offline Integrated Payment Service Solution KONPAY

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