KONPAY, my digital assets management place
Are you still
buying and selling
digital assets?
We hope that digital assets
in the changing era will no
longer be an investment-only asset.
We hope that digital assets,
that are considered to be
speculative, will become closert
closer to our life.
Konpay will open up a
new era of finance.
From the era of
card and cash to the era
of digital payments.
we are now awakened to new finance!
Features of Konpay
A hassle-free
payment solution.
Multi-digital asset payment support KONPAY establishes their own self-Mainnet so the KON mainnet network keeps transmission fees at zero and boasts a speed of 1,000 TPS. By technical support contract between Hexland and Mainnet, service buyers and merchants can expand their multi-digital asset payment and receiving benefits and rewards when paying with KONPAY Token.
NFT MarketPlace Using KON KONMARKET uses KONPAY Mainnet to support copyright protection and transparent reliability in the cultural content market, and solves chronic shortcomings such as sales contracts. In addition, it is a marketplace where authors, producers, suppliers, and consumers can actively communicate and operate by utilizing blockchain's distributed ledger technology.
KON Mainnet network (Game, NFT) Konpay's KON Mainnet ecosystem covers NFT, game, and Web 3.0 fields. We support bridges exclusively for KON Network and plan to support an active ecosystem in the game and NFT fields. It operates a separate Reserve Pool and has various scalability from initial operation to financing.
Payment Process
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